Bare Minimum Git


  1. Sign up for an account at
  2. Send me (salcode) a message through Bitbucket
  3. Download GitHub App /

Sal Ferrarello / @salcode

Bare Minimum Git

Quick, dirty, and fast.

Sal Ferrarello / @salcode

The Value of Version Control

  1. Merging work without overwriting
  2. Easy backs up with restore points

Merging work without overwriting

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Easy backs up with restore points

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Git, GitHub, and Bitbucket

  • Git is the generic "car"
  • GitHub is a BMW
  • Bitbucket is a Toyota

Bitbucket is cheap price, not cheap quality

We use GitHub's app to set things up

Install Git

The GitHub app is a quick way to install /

Skip Setup, Go to Advanced Tab

Mac Preferences

GitHub App Mac Settings

Windows Settings

GitHub App Windows Settings

Close the GitHub App


Repository (repo)
A project within git

Command line? Why?

  • Sets the stage for Sass, grunt, and a host of other tools
  • It is easier, seriously

Note: You will not break your computer

Mac Pro-Tip: Command line to your working directory

cd and drag-and-drop your current directory

Clone a repo

(Copy a project to your computer)

	git clone

You can copy this line directly from Bitbucket

Move into the project directory

	cd burbs

Status of the Project

We use this A LOT

	git status

Modify index.html








Share Your Changes

							git add -A

							git commit -m "add Sal's birthday"

							git push


error: failed to push some refs to
hint: Updates were rejected because
the remote contains work that you do
not have locally...
...first integrate the remote changes
hint: (e.g., 'git pull ...')
before pushing again

Share Your Changes (revised)

							git add -A

							git commit -m "add Sal's birthday"

							git pull

							git push


CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in index.html
Automatic merge failed; fix conflicts
and then commit the result.

Fixing Conflicts

Edit File - Resolve and remove special lines

(your version here)
(server version here)

							git add -A

							git commit -m "fix merge conflict"

New Repository

  • Make repo on, "Create"
  • Local project folder on your computer, make repo
  • Follow onscreen instructions (I have existing project)

Make repo on, "Create"

Use the same Name as the folder name of your project locally

Local Project Folder

							git init

							git add -A

							git commit -m "initial commit"

One at time, run the command line entries from Bitbucket in the project directory


During a project there are often files you do NOT want to include in your repo.


  • Thumbs.db
  • php_error.log
  • ironcode.sublime-project
  • /node_modules
  • uploads directory
  • wp-config.php
  • core WordPress files

Adding Your .gitignore file

My WordPress .gitignore

ignores everything other than

  • /wp-content/themes/
  • /wp-content/plugins/
  • /wp-content/mu-plugins/

What Just Happened?

Why? Merging, Backups

Refer to cheatsheet on

Sal Ferrarello

I am available for team and individual trainings

Sal Ferrarello / @salcode